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What is Mesojectgun Mesotherapy?

Needle-free mesotherapy device treatment This device was developed for professionals to help transport active ingredients from TOSKANI mesotherapy products transdermally. This is thanks to the combined technology of micro-exfoliation and electroporation. The MesojectGun is used for a wide range of treatments for the face, body and scalp.

Mesojectgun Mesotherapy 

MesojectGun is the best ally for the professional to help implement transdermal mesotherapy safely and painlessly. A wide range of treatments can be performed for the face, body and scalp. Easily adjustable to suit every skin need, in less than a minute.

MesojectGun works using an improved form of electroporation. Thanks to the low voltage and frequency waves, there is no risk of (cell) damage, scar formation or inflammation in the short and long term. The reversible hydrophilic channels and opened cell pores close immediately after each application.

The unique microchips always ensure a uniform release of the active ingredients and a leveling of the stratum corneum so that effective results can be achieved.

The innovative Pulse Booster® technology is characterized by the application of an electrical pulse directly to the skin. This creates multiple hydrophilic, reversible microchannels, softens cell permeability and opens cell pores to increase the transport capacity of the ingredients. In this way, active ingredients from mesotherapy products can be introduced in a controlled manner. This modulation of the electrical pulse is achieved by the geometry of the head of the MesojectGun.

a Selection of the best combination of sterile and highly innovative mesotherapy products are used that provide effective and safe solutions to correct skin, facial and body problems in a 100% personalized way.

Effective results 

Studies conducted by TOSKANI HQ R&D team show:

Anti-aging treatment1

+43% Tighting 



Acne treatment

-61% Tallow

Before & after of 5 sessions of anti-aging treatment

Before MesoTherapy
After MesoTherapy


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